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Why Choose UX-App?

Planning digital products is hard! The days of simple web pages with minimal JS are gone, and the future will be ruled by dynamic applications.

Developing for web and mobile in 2016 involved more moving parts and changing states than ever before. Planning and managing these dynamic and complex user experiences has become a real challenge that is quickly pushing product planning to the forefront of tech in 2017.

The sheer complexity of digital products demands a splintered planning phase and today’s product leaders express the same ideas, redundantly, across many tool categories: drawing mockups then transitioning them to prototypes, assembling requirements, recording tech solutions, compiling specifications & drawing flows.

The complexity of client and business applications is only going to increase and an end-to-end product planning tool is necessary to gracefully handle these behemoths. Every product manager and user experience designer is looking for the right product planning tool, unfortunately there isn’t much being offered in this space that can elegantly handle the full product planning flow.

Or is there?

UX-App is the right tool for the full product planning funnel.

We believe you’ll soon agree with us but we’ll leave that to you to decide!

Planning matters, a great plan simplifies the execution of any project in a thousand little ways.

  • We use mockups to evaluate our basic product concepts and reconsider less successful ideas
  • We use prototypes to define early user experience flows and test them quickly, sometimes even on our coworkers
  • We use sharing platforms to refine our thoughts and find limitations through others
  • We use flows to cut through the clutter and explain what people will actually do
  • We create documentation to define requirements & solutions for every facet of our product

When working with a team of people, it’s especially important to express yourself fully, or other team members will be forced to fill in the gaps based on their best judgement.

We started planning for the web with wireframes and specifications, long drawn out documents and inanimate skeletons. The amazing rise in popularity of prototyping tools for web and mobile applications has shown us that more web businesses need a better, and more thorough, planning tool for their projects.

Here is a list of features we believe are crucial to planning a successful product, and we think you’ll agree with us. For each feature we’ll also explain how we tackled a solution at UX-App

Real HTML mock up components

Mock ups should be easy to create and intuitive to understand, describing UI with mockups or wireframes should be significantly easier than

  1. Drawing on paper
  2. Writing code

otherwise we’d just do either of those. Mockups should also be expressive, more expressive than pen and paper or other tools abused for this job, *cough* powerpoint *cough*. While expressive, wireframes should still feel “quick n dirty” so we don't get overly attached or distracted by unnecessary detail such as the exact shade of blue on that call to action button.

Often simple stencil based wireframes fall short when used to describe user flows for actions such as site registration, ecommerce checkout or form validation.

Prototypes fill this need for higher fidelity, however in the past, prototyping tools have suffered due to lack of authentic components and severely underpowered event functionality.

UX-App is different. With UX-App you are always working with real HTML components, which are composable using a simple drag and drop interface. In addition to this UX-App is the only application of its type that gives designers and product managers the full expressive power of JavaScript without the need to learn programming.

Super fast, flexible, Prototyping

Prototyping needs to strike the very same balance that mocking up does, you want expressive but you don't want to spend hours poring over a prototype otherwise you might as well be writing javascript.

UX-App features a graphical actions creator that gives you the full expressive power of JavaScript without the need to learn programming. Create user flows, incorporate screen transitions and animation without limits.

UX-App has achieved the seemingly impossible, by combining the power of prototyping without sacrificing the speed and simplicity of wireframing.

Sharing & Feedback

UX-App features simple, powerful ways in which to share your designs and receive feedback. These include

  • Full HTML export
  • Share with a link
  • Preview on a Mobile device
  • Embed your design in your own blog or company website

Reviewers can interact with and comment on a working prototype via their browser on PC, Mac and Linux. The comments left by reviewers appear directly to the author of the prototype, greatly improving the speed with which ideas can be iterated upon.

Mobile Prototypes

Create dynamic prototypes that can be previewed directly on your device. UX-App will take care of all the heavy lifting for you by standardising user input so that you can create your design once and preview anywhere.

Utilize the unparalleled power of components such as the Mobile Tableview, Carousel etc. No other mockup or prototyping application can match the features of UX-App components. These components make expressing complex UIs effortless.