Mockup Component Suite

Utilize over 100 functional and customizable html components to build realistic mockups with minimal work.

Take advantage of fully functional accordions, tabs, galleries, map views, dropdown menus and more using simple & intuitive drag and drop

Easily update styles using the component properties menu.

Export your finished prototypes to images or a HTML & JavaScript prototype.

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Awesome Animation

Take your prototypes to the next level with an intuitive visual interaction builder. Compose detailed events in seconds using a variety of actions and animations that can run in sequence or in parallel.


Real-Time Collaboration

See changes in real-time as your team mates work on a project. Whether your team shares an office, or is spread across the globe, real-time collaboration will allow you to communicate faster and more effectively. You will iterate through ideas more quickly, allowing you to deliver more compelling user experience designs.

Leave notes per component, respond to notes left by members of your team

Chat referencing designs or individual components

Edit projects simultaneously with your team

Mockup, Prototype, Wireframe


Share & Export

Easily share & export your design with colleagues and clients.

Instantly share your responsive design using a pnk, or through mail.

Export full mockups or individual components to png

Export finished prototypes to HTML & JavaScript