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Why Choose UX-App?

Enhanced Components & Events. Immediate Share & Export.

Mockup with Functional HTML Components

You're probably used to mocking up by layering images on top of each other (Balsamiq, Axure, UXPin), and know that managing state for complex components in your mock ups is real a pain.

But does it have to be?

Get ready to liberate yourself from image layering with UX-App's unique pre-built, composable containers. Use pre-built tabs, dynamic panels, accordions, menus, mobile layout engines and more to compose complex mockups with unparalleled speed.

On the right you can see UX-App's carousel component. The component is prebuilt with arrows for movement between slides and 3 default slide containers. Drag images or any other type of component to quickly add them to the carousel. Check out a live preview of this 15 second prototype.

Prototype with draggable, stackable, and customizable logic blocks.

Move beyond hotspots and wonky action dropdowns to quickly create prototypes that exactly match your ideas in seconds.

Use UX-App's event interface to stack logic blocks and build elegant events that will be immediatly clear to developers without specification.

On the right we open a registration modal from a submit button. Notice how we show the mask and window individually from the same event by simply dragging "Show" action blocks below each other.

Master this interface and you'll be able to use conditionals, state tests, math functions, position, rotation and dimension changes as well as delay and extend any action

Here's a live preview of the prototype to the right.

Share and Export immediately

Forget special viewing apps or link generation wait times. Immediately export any project to HTML or share it with a link that works perfectly in any browser

Working on a tablet project and your team member wants to view on mobile? We got you covered! All UX-App mobile prototypes are automatically scaled to any device so everyone sees exactly what you see.