Welcome to UX-App. In this quickstart guide you will learn the fundamentals of working with the most advanced UI/UX prototyping tool on the market.


UX-App is a powerful, fully featured product planning tool that allows you to create functional mockups for both mobile and web. It's the only tool of its kind that allows you to design with a full suite of real, working components along with a powerful drag-and-drop event editor. Create interactive prototypes without writing a single line of JavaScript and build complex UIs with ease by combining pre-built UI components such as Windows, Tabs, Button Bars, Accordions etc. Use the extensive collection of touch-enabled mobile UI elements to prototype and preview your product designs directly on your mobile device.


Components are the building blocks of your UI/UX projects. Add components by dragging and dropping from the Component Toolbox. Every components can be edited by double clicking.

A simple component such as the button can have its label customized.

More complex components like the combo box can have items edited, a default option selected and items rearranged (by clicking and dragging).

Some components such as Icons will show a mini-menu when hovered to help you customize their appearance.


Containers are pre-build, fully functional UI elements. These components can have child components added to create complex UIs. Simply drag and drop to compose component hierarchies.

Here is an example of adding a Tab container to a Window component.

Notice that when a component is added as a child of another component a breadcrumbs menu will appear at the top of the editor window. This menu help you to manage component hierarchies. You can also use this menu to apply changes to the components being edited.


To add an an image, first add a placeholder and then choose an image from your images library, or upload a new image.

Component Properties

The appearacnce and behavior of components can be editing from the Component Properties panel.

Context Menus

Right click elements to access a context-sensitive popup menu.


Organize your project using Layers. Find out more about this powerful feature.