Components are a powerful feature of UX-App.
No other product features a complete suite of working HTML components.

Balsamiq, Moqups and UXPin all make you work with simple clipart. UX-App components are real, functional HTML. Add sub-panels, nest components and create immersive prototypes by simply dragging and dropping!


The first thing to note is that you are always working with live, functional HTML components. This means that accordions, tab panels, mobile listviews etc. all function and are editable, live in the UX-App editor.

Simple Components

Simple components such as buttons, labels, headings etc. can be edited by double clicking.

Container Components

No other wireframing or mockup software allows you to create such complex components.

Containers are components that can hold other components. These include: tabs, accordion, window, listview etc.

Containers often have sub-panels. Double click to start editing a component, and from there you can add, delete or rearrange sub-panels.

Nesting Components

Simply drag-and-drop components to compose nested components. Here is an example of nesting a map inside of an accordion which is contained within a window.