Actions & Events

Actions and events are at the heart of good prototyping.
Learn how to construct complex actions with ease.

Step 1: Choose a Trigger

First, choose which element (button, icon, label etc) will trigger your action. Right click the component and choose Actions & Events

Step 2: Attach a Command to an Event

In this example, the Hide command is attached to the Mouse Up event.

IMPORTANT: Notice above that for an action to work you must specify which element will be affected.
In the video above the code AG73341 appears when the first icon is selected. If you do not specify which element the Hide command applies to then the command will apply to the action trigger (Myself).

Above: Don't forget to choose the target for your command.

Step 3: Preview

Test that your interaction works by going into Preview Mode.

Special Note: Showing Elements

Notice above that we have attached a second command (Show). For this command to have an effect you must hide the element that will be shown. The Show command has no effect on elements that are already visible.

Right click and choose hide to hide an element.