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Quick Start

Starting to mock up and prototype with UX-App is quick and easy, here’s everything you’ll need to know to start:

Mocking up

  1. Add mock up components with a drag.

  2. You can drop components anywhere, on the canvas or in a container

  3. Double click or press enter to edit components
    1. You can edit text
    2. You can edit container options

  4. Containers have automatic overflow, use it to show partial components

  5. Page context moves with you

  6. Style components using the component configuration menu


  1. Some components have prebuilt functionality

  2. Add events to components from the “Action & events” menu item

  3. Preview the functionality you create right away

Control page settings & grids

  1. You can update page size from page settings

  2. You can add guides to snap multiple components

  3. You can hide and show all guides and rulers

  4. You can add snapping grid & customizable design grid

Right click context menu

  1. The context menu is context sensitive and will update based on the mockup component chosen

  2. Some functionality is unique to the context menu
    1. Convert to master
    2. Copy & Paste location
    3. Copy & Paste dimensions