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UX-App is a browser based web, mobile & IoT product planning tool. Use UX-App to create realistic mockups built with real html and prototype them with expressive, flexible drag & drop JavaScript puzzle pieces.

With UX-App you’ll get

  • 50+ web components
  • 20+ mobile components
  • Flowchart shapes and connectors
  • 300+ icons
  • Unique pre built web & mobile layouts: tabs, accordion, mobile table view
  • Basic, snapping & column based design grid
  • 8 default color palettes
  • Complete css customization
  • 10+ JavaScript events including click, keypress and swipe
  • 50+ actions to move, update scale, size, position & content of components.

UX-App work canvas

The UX-App work canvas is composed of a header, four main menus, and the right click context menu.

UX-App header

The UX-App header comes packed with tons of functionality

  1. Save, undo and redo - Use the undo dropdown to find the exact version you want to return or move forward to. Every change to regular components is saved automatically, containers must be saved manually after you’ve arranged them.
  2. Project controls - Move between projects or create new ones from the projects dropdown. Use the project cogwheel to change between web and mobile projects, or update canvas size.
  3. Preview - preview the prototyping logic you’ve created instantly, click on preview and then start interacting with your html prototype. Prebuilt components like tabs, dropdown and accordion will work right away
  4. Share - share your product with a link, or export it to html & js. Mobile project can also be embedded in your domain with a simple snippet.
  5. Help - get back to these documents for more info
  6. Full screen - enlarge the canvas to full screen.
  7. Grid control - bring down rulers from the top grid with a drag. Press on the cogwheel to control grid and ruler visibility

UX Menus

  1. Components - drag web & mobile mockup components from this menu
  2. Component configuration and styles - fine tune position, rotation & choose from default color palettes or refine css styles for UX-App’s html components
  3. Pages & layer management - manage project page hierarchy, create, update, delete, and nest pages with drag and drop.
  4. Page & project notes - create & reply with threaded notes per project, page & individual component

Context Menu

The context menu is context sensitive, and you’ll find different options when opening the context menu from a component, a selection of components or the canvas.

Right click on the canvas and you’ll find quick shortcuts to commonly used features in the app.

Right click on a selection of components to group, change alignment, or convert them to a custom component.