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UX-App V2.2 "Mobile Love" Changelog, 14 Feb 2016


  • Added special discount links available to chat support, contact our chat if you'd like a discount on your subscription
  • Mobile projects - it is now possible to update every page to a unique device type
  • Mobile projects - it is now possible to update every page to landscape or portrait. Landscape or portrait project settings now only act as default for new pages.
  • Mobile projects - Prototypes viewed via share links or generated via HTML export will automatically scale to device height.
  • Mobile Devices - Added 3 new mobile devices: Iphone 7, Iphone 7s, Samsung Galaxy 7
  • Major performance optimizations for largescale projects
  • tutorial no longer shows up on every new browser
  • fixed drag interaction while scrolling


  • When not editing component, double click on canvas will open add components panel
  • fixed case where page transition event will break
  • fixed scroll bug not allowing to see more than 16 pages
  • added s/m/l preset sizes to icons
  • fixed bug where carousel did not work when nested image had event attached
  • fixed issue where modifying a combo value which was set as initial value, did not also modify the selected value text. Text now updates. Added tooltip to indicate functionality of the tick icon.

UX-App V2.1 Changelog, 18 Dec 2016

Major changes


  • Added multi-line text input component
  • Fixed scroll on properties panel after auto-save
  • Fixed 1px nudge when editing component
  • Fixed error when moving to a new project or page while currently editing a component
  • Fixed component selection while page scrolling
  • fixed page components disappearing when moving between pages or projects
    • If a project becomes corrupted for any reason, user will be prompted with a layer to refresh without any loss of work
  • Fixed initial broken UI
  • Shortened component ids
  • Fixed first undo not having effect sometimes

Context Menu:

  • Green menu on hover removed, functionality moved to context menu
  • added alignment options to context menu when right click on selection of components
  • Context menu on radio and checkbox now work
  • Changed context menu item from "Edit Properties" to "Edit Style"

Keyboard shortcuts:

  • cut + paste preserves component events. this includes when
    • event target is cut & pasted
    • event source is cut & pasted
    • event source and event target is cut & pasted
    • also applies for copy + paste


  • Added animation previews for all animation actions. No more guessing!

  • Changed duration and delay inputs to steppers

  • Updated event quick linker functionality

  • Auto-selected "Myself" as target for common actions
  • Added helper tooltip to actions (documentation coming)
  • Text can now be entered into pink drop zone

Minor Changes


  • Fixed copy/paste between dynamic panels not appearing in new panel
  • Added new border to dynamic panel while in edit mode to help recognize border
  • Adding/removing guides fixed
  • Snapping guide (while moving) does not show when snap occurs on a page guide (no need for guide on guide)
  • Now possible to add more than one image with same name
  • Fixed carousel: if click next/prev buttons quickly (while a panel transition was happening) it would break the carousel
  • Image component
    • choosing a file with the same name as an existing file did not upload, fixed now
    • after upload the latest file is automatically selected
    • fixed issue where you had to enter interface twice to apply image
    • Fixed clicking on img inside of container quits container
  • Disabled key events while browsing for a icon
  • Updated visual style of radio and check buttons to be in line with new design
  • Fixed resizing heading with resizer broken if you used the properties panel to set font size and then tried to drag to resize

History management

  • New events added to history:
    • Double click to edit any container
    • Resize the container you are editing
    • Change the top left position via resize, now the new location of the element is correctly maintained


  • Fixed events interface quick action mode for: position, dimension, scale, rotation
  • Fixed rare slippery component effect after previewing prototype
  • Made the black "select component" dropdown disappear when an action is being dragged. Before it would stay visible and floating not connected to anything
  • Disabled key events so no more ctrl-z while in events window
  • Trashcan icon does not show on mousedown. It only appears after action has begun to be dragged
  • Pressing ESC while measuring pos or scale quits interaction
  • Measuring scale when the editor window was scrolled was buggy, fixed now
  • Tweaked opacity event
  • No longer possible to interact with elements while setting dimensions for event
  • Changed "highlight" to "animate"