Eli S


Shai K

Co-Founder & Business Development

Tommi M


Andrew K


Daniel R


Tim W

Quality Assurance

2018 and beyond

We're working harder than ever to push the boundaries of prototyping. More components, more events and actions and more integrations. The future is bright!

2017 | Version 2.0

Following 12 months of hard work UX-App version 2.0 was released. This version marks a new chapter in UX-App's story, with a fresh new design, a far stable platform and a growing user base, UX-App is reaching new heights!

2016 | The team grows

2016 was all about growing our team to help move UX-App forward. Shai joined as head of product, Tommi joined as lead designer. We were on our way toward version 2.0

2015 | Version 1.0 Released

After period in Beta we were ready to release UX-App to the public. Our first paid accounts went live and we enjoyed an awesome Product Hunt fuelled launch!

Mid 2014 | Limited Beta Released

By mid 2015 UX-App was ready for more users. We opened up registrations to the general public and were thrilled with the reception it received.

2014 | Early Alpha Released

In early 2014 the first iteration of UX-App was released in closed Alpha. Users from across the globe helped shape UX-App

Late 2013 | Development Started

Seeing a gap in the market for advanced an prototyping tool, development began on what would eventually turn into UX-App