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Powerful Product Planning

Create Elegant, Flexible, Mock Ups and Prototypes

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Create Fully Functional Prototypes for Web & Mobile

Built with real HTML components, so you don't have to write a single line of code.

Responsive projects

Each page in your UX-App projects can be customized to a unique size, device type or orientation. UX-App mobile projects are responsive and your prototype will automatically scale to the height of whatever device views it.

Functional HTML components

Every components can be nested inside other components, styled, rotated, and outfitted with custom events. Start the UX-App tutorial to learn how to nest and combine functional components to create elegant, fully functional, mockups.

Unique Advanced Containers

UX-App containers are pre-built, fully functional, components like carousels, windows, tabs, accordions, maps and more that will remove the pain of complex state management from your prototypes.

Prototype with Unrivalled Flexibility

Create elegant interactions. Describe any scenario.


Unique Actions

Add any number of events, and stack any number of actions within an event with UX-App's unique drag & drop events and actions interface.

Collaborate, Share & Export with Ease!

Manage your tasks, team & clients in one place. Export everything when you're ready.

Collaborate with your team

Invite any number of team members to comment on your designs, use team chat, reply to your notes, or create their own prototypes. Changes are instantly updated for the entire team.

Share a link to your prototypes & get feedback with clients or interest holders directly on your work.

Export your data

Export your design to PNG or fully functional html & JavaScript ready for testing and feedback.

Using the actions builder in UX-App has allowed our product managers to iterate on ideas faster and more accurately.

Evelyn Sims - VP of Production @ OzAppWorks

UX-App is used and trusted by individuals and large companies alike!